Network Genealogical Adventures in Sweden

The network for promotion of heritage and genealogical travels to Sweden for Swedish-Americans and others.

This network is for you who plans to visit Sweden and like to walk in your forefathers’ footsteps, visit your Swedish ancestors’ area and like to meet relatives of today.

The network is for you who like to have help on the way. You plan to visit your ancestors’ homeland, but you are uncertain how to do the genealogy, plan your trip and contact relatives in Sweden. You like to have a guide who can guide you in Sweden to the places you like to see, specific where your ancestors lived. You may like to have help with all four but just only one. You like to travel on your own, with your family, with friends or a group.

It can be hard to visit a new country without knowing anyone. Like one previously travel have said:

”Without knowing the language and how to research in the country, it is difficult to find other places or people who are living relatives or know about ancestors of one’s family.”

Without knowing the language and how to research in the country, it is difficult to find other places or people who are living relatives or know about ancestors of one’s family.

The Network Genealogical Adventure in Sweden started in March 2019. The founders of the network are:

  • Takvandring AB in Sundsvall, has experience of arranged travels for Swedish-Americans in small groups.
  • Adventure Skaraborg Society in Falköping, has experience of arrange heritage and genealogy tours to Skaraborg area 2017-2019.

Takvandring and Adventure Skaraborg Society got contact with each other through an inquiry from a travel agency in the U.S.A. who asked for a recommendation for a researcher and guide in the province of Medelpad. After the contact was made, we formed the network of genealogists and guides in Sweden.

The network has members from Höganäs in Skåne to Vilhelmina in Lappland and it still growing. The members of the network are professional genealogists and guides, members of boards of Swedish Genealogy Societies and journalists.

The members help each other and cooperate. When a Swedish-American or someone else makes a genealogy inquiry to someone in the network, a message can easily be sent among the members by email and ask for someone who lives in the demanded area and helps with the genealogy and whatever the request is about.

We have helped two small groups which plane to visit Sweden this summer 2019. They will rent cars and drive to the area of their ancestors. They like to have help to find their ancestors’ roots and a guide when they visit their heritage.

It’s not only when you travel in small groups, we are able to help. We also plan to make exclusive heritage and genealogy tours to Sweden. It’s a travel package that allows the participants to find their roots in Sweden by the help of genealogists and guides combined with touring Swedish historical and cultural highlights.

2020 will be the start. Make a note in your calendar for August 3rd – 11th 2020.

We like to make it easier for you who search for your Swedish family. You like to walk in their footstep’s and hopefully, you will meet relatives of today in Sweden. You pay fee for our service.

Our contact in the U.S. are the travel agencies Lindstrom Travel in Rockford, Illinois and Borton Overseas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Contact Network Genealogical Adventures in Sweden.


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