Information needed for research in Sweden


Your ancestors are from Sweden and you like to do genealogy research to find them in the swedish churchbooks.

Before you start the research in the swedish churchbooks you have to have information from which parish in Sweden they where born in. Here is a checklist.

You need to know

  • Full Name – first names and last name

The full names of the ancestor who emigrated from Sweden and immigrated to U.S. First name and last name. The swedes left often with a patronymicon name. In U.S. they changed it to another or kept it. Ex 1 – Johan August Johansson changed to August Dahlstrand. Ex 2 – Mårten Erick Hammar changed to Martin Hammer.

  • Date of birth YYYYMMDD

You need to know when your ancestor was born YYYYMMDD. In Sweden many people hade the same names. It’s common in Sweden that in a parish and a year children has the same first and patronymicon. For exampel: You are looking for a Christina Larsdotter B 1852 in a parish and you find three with the same name. Which one is yours?

  • Place of birth – parish and providence

Birthparish is necessary to know. Province and län isn’t enough, there are several parishes in each. There is also several parishes with same the name in Sweden.

  • Date of emigration

If you know the year of the emigration it’s a great help. It helps to find the emigrant in Swedish Passenger lists.

  • With whom the emigration took place?

Did the emigrantion took place by the emigrant her-/himself or with family members or with others? Who where they?

  • Destination in U.S.

Do you know the destination for the immigration in U.S.? Where in U.S. do you find the immigrant for the first time?

Where to find information

  • Family members and relatives of today

Contact the elder or any others of your family you think know something. They might have information and kept things from the emigrant. The familybible, letters and photos.

  • Letters and photos from Sweden

Maybe the emigrant/immigrant had contact with his family in Sweden. Check if there are letters and photos left.

  • Obitauries

Look up the obitary of the immigrants in a news paper or if someone has it saved.

  • U.S. Census

In the census you find info about the year the emigration took place.

  • Passport Application

Maybe your ancestor visit her/his relatives in Sweden.

In 2014 I wrote nine articles about how to research for your swedish ancestors in Sweden here on the blog. The serie start with <Part 1 Swedish roots? >The articles are in swedish but you can easy translate the text with Google translate which is included at the first page on this website.


A lot of above necessary information can be found in database. Try free <>and other websites.

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